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Lone Wolf is the multi-award winning fantasy gamebook series, first published in 1984 and selling in excess of 10 million copies worldwide.

Lone Wolf books

After 37 years, being published in 30 countries and translated into 18 languages, Lone Wolf amassed a collection of inconsistent logos.

In advance of a live-action television series, a video game and a Collector's Edition reissue, we were asked to create an international rebrand, a first in the brand’s history.

Lone Wolf logo sketch
  • Lone wolf wolfhead sketches

With such a cult following, we knew it was important to retain the spirit of classic Lone Wolf, whilst bringing the brand into the 21st century.

Lone Wolf logo
  • Lone Wolf wolfhead
  • Lone Wolf wolfhead on spine

The brand needed to be adaptable and work across printed and digital material, appealing to older fans and a new audience.

Lone Wolf logo
  • Lone Wolf long sleeve tee
  • Lone Wolf pennant flag